Mountaineering in the UK is full of history; it has a world class reputation with mountaineers coming from all around the world to test themselves in the very special environment we have in our mountains.

Mudrock Adventure have enjoyed the mountain environment for many years and want to share with you all it has to offer. From summer hill walking to winter climbing there is so much scope it would take more than one lifetime to cover it all.

We can develop your mountain skills such as learning to use a map and compass, to teaching you the rope skills required if you are entering into scrambling. If you are interested in winter hill walking there are different skills to develop. For example using ice axe and crampons, understanding the effect winter weather can have on you, and looking at avalanche reports and how to link this to what is happening on the ground when you are in the mountains.

Moving over the mountains in summer and winter involves many skills which take time to develop to become confident and efficient. Whether you are just starting out and discovering your potential or have some experience and want to develop your skills, Mudrock Adventure can help.